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Front-end Engineer (TC)

Multiple Cities, LATAM ยท Computer/Software

Frontend Engineer Core Competencies

  • Javascript Expertise: Proficient in JavaScript, with a strong focus on Vue.js and TypeScript. Capable of quickly building dynamic, responsive web applications that provide an exceptional user experience.

  • Design to Development: Expert in translating design files into web pages, ensuring fidelity and responsiveness across all devices.

  • Performance Optimization: Specializes in optimizing web page performance, including achieving high Lighthouse scores, ensuring fast load times and efficient page operation. Understands the importance of SEO best practices in development.

  • A/B Testing: Has demonstrated implementation of industry best practices for testing new features and experiences with the ability to throttle traffic and analyze results. Writes code in ways that are maintainable and appropriately polished for potentially long lasting features.

    Work Ethic & Style

    Adaptive & Energized by Change: Thrives in a dynamic environment with shifting priorities, using a Kanban style workflow. Finds motivation in new challenges and a variety of projects, from marketing collateral to core product features. Understands and supports potentially short-lived solutions in service of testing market feasibility.

    Self-Sufficient & Solution-Oriented: Independently manages tasks efficiently without constant oversight. Proactively identifies issues, proposes solutions, and contributes meaningfully to project discussions.

    Quality-Focused: Dedicated to creating high-quality, long-lasting, maintainable code. Takes pride in craftsmanship, understanding its impact on the business's success.

    Communication & Collaboration

    Team Player: Exhibits excellent communication skills, working closely with cross-functional teams including marketing, design, and product management.

    Business Insight: Desires and demonstrates a strong understanding of business metrics, adept at translating company goals into technical solutions. Skilled in creating and maintaining dashboards with insightful data.

    Timezone & Cultural Fit

    Located within a timezone compatible with US working hours (PST preferred), facilitating effective collaboration and communication with the team.

    Demonstrates deep care for the work and its contribution to the company's goals. Shows enthusiasm for being part of the company's growth and success, beyond mere task completion.

    You must be based in LATAM
    You must have fluent English speaking skills

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