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Low-level network systems developer (AG)

Multiple Cities, LATAM · Computer/Software
Wanted:  Low-level network systems developer
C, C++, Rust, Go, etc. . .

We are looking for developers well-versed in building and optimizing networking and server software, as well as hacking existing servers like Nginx and HAproxy.

You will be responsible for designing and building things like proxies, DNS servers, load balancers and squeezing every ounce of performance out of them. You will be writing and supporting internal and open-source Nginx modules. You will be writing a lot of benchmarking tools to prove the performance of your solutions.

Must have:
A thorough understanding of the networking stack
intimate familiarity with the POSIX networking API

Should have:
Experience writing Nginx modules
A history of code submissions to open source C (or other close-to-the-metal) projects
Know your way around GDB and valgrind

Nice to have:
you've written an http parser
...and an http/2 parser
...and a websocket parser
...and you did it in C, you madman
 you have worked with the io_uring loop

You must have a good understanding of English (spoken and written).

You must be based in LATAM 


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