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GIS Developer #MK

Multiple Cities, LATAM · Computer/Software
Web application consisting of a GIS. The system will solve a variety of tasks for utility
companies in a more efficient matter. The idea is to automate previously manual procedures. The
most significant feature of the software will be to give the customers data on all their poles and lines
based on LiDAR data that they do not currently have. The entire country has been laser scanned in a
high enough resolution to provide this data, but no one has connected the dots yet, so to speak. We
are also using AI and big data techniques to give the customers a much more accurate idea of the
capacity of each individual pole. This relates to calculating the capacity of a pole and the likely
lifespan which will give the customer an idea of when the pole needs to be replaced.

The idea is that the web application will be able to calculate damages to a pole, mechanical
capacity, and determine the distance from a power line to the terrain/ground etc. The customers will
also be able to use the system on a tablet computer in order to register information about the power
grid while manually inspecting the power lines out in the field. Based on the input, the company will give
the user a calculation on the pole capacity.

Database handling
* Architecture – how to build a platform
* Point clouds
* GUI – Graphical User Interface
* Backend and frontend
* GIS / Geospatial data
* 3D models
* Machine learning – predictions and data analysis

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